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An adhesive, multipurpose tape designed to bond the edges of two sections of artificial grass together. Size: 12'' x 328'.

12''-wide Seaming Tape is a premium, extra-wide adhesive tape designed to bond the edges of grass together. Use Seaming Tape with the Turf Super Glue. The adhesive design is engineered for sealing the seams in putting greens and over-concrete artificial grass installations.


Size: 12'' x 328'  


With 12''-wide seaming tape and the Turf Super Glue in your quiver, seaming is a cinch, saving you and your crew time and money. Simply roll the seaming tape out underneath the seam of your artificial grass installation, apply the glue to seam seams together. 

- Seaming Tape is non-hazardous material and user-friendly

- Seaming Tape will seal the edges of turf together for years to come



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